Optimal architectures for long distance quantum communication.

TitleOptimal architectures for long distance quantum communication.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2016
AuthorsS Muralidharan, L Li, J Kim, N Lütkenhaus, MD Lukin, and L Jiang
JournalScientific Reports
Start Page20463
Date Published02/2016

Despite the tremendous progress of quantum cryptography, efficient quantum communication over long distances (≥ 1000 km) remains an outstanding challenge due to fiber attenuation and operation errors accumulated over the entire communication distance. Quantum repeaters (QRs), as a promising approach, can overcome both photon loss and operation errors, and hence significantly speedup the communication rate. Depending on the methods used to correct loss and operation errors, all the proposed QR schemes can be classified into three categories (generations). Here we present the first systematic comparison of three generations of quantum repeaters by evaluating the cost of both temporal and physical resources, and identify the optimized quantum repeater architecture for a given set of experimental parameters for use in quantum key distribution. Our work provides a roadmap for the experimental realizations of highly efficient quantum networks over transcontinental distances.

Short TitleScientific Reports