Crosstalk Suppression in Individually Addressed Two-Qubit Gates in a Trapped-Ion Quantum Computer.


Crosstalk between target and neighboring spectator qubits due to spillover of control signals represents a major error source limiting the fidelity of two-qubit entangling gates in quantum computers. We show that in our laser-driven trapped-ion system coherent crosstalk error can be modeled as residual Xσ[over ^]_{ϕ} interaction and can be actively canceled by single-qubit echoing pulses. We propose and demonstrate a crosstalk suppression scheme that eliminates all first-order crosstalk utilizing only local control of target qubits, as opposed to an existing scheme which requires control over all neighboring qubits. We report a two-qubit Bell state fidelity of 99.52(6)% with the echoing pulses applied after collective gates and 99.37(5)% with the echoing pulses applied to each gate in a five-ion chain. This scheme is widely applicable to other platforms with analogous interaction Hamiltonians.