Package-level Integrated Vacuum for On-chip Trapped-ions (PIVOT)

Current implementations of ion-trap quanutm computing are hindered by the need for bulky vacuum chambers, large RF helical resonators and non-scalable free space optics which must accomany a single ion trap processing unit. This project aims to rethink ion trap infrastructure from the ground up for scalability, standardization, and ease of use.

The PIVOT project packages a trap under ultra-high vacuum conditions after a surface cleaning procedure, an indium seal maintains the vacuum level, while alleviating the need to keep the external sample chamber UHV clean.


The package is made to work with a closed-cycle Montana Instruments cryostat. A compact RF resonant circuit for cryogenic applications is being produced. The optical system will be mechanically integrated into the cryostat structure while minimizing both optical path length and the degrees of freedom available for tuning. This create a more compact and stable platform for ion trapping. One might think of a future where these ion trap modules are made professionally and sent out to users with verified functional surface electrode ion traps.