Scalable Platform for Agile Extended-Reach Quantum Communications (SPARQC)

The Scalable Platform for agule extended-reach quantum communications (SPARQC) program is an effort to make a Quantum repeater node. A quantum repeater node is a scheme for entanglement distriution over a large geographic area. The best comparison to this technology is a quantum enabled amplifier. The comparison to amplifiers is appropraite not because the quantum signal is made larger (this is forbiden by the no-cloning theorem), but rather becasue it solves the same problem: signal attenuation with distance, that a classical amplifier does. 

A quantum repeater network can disseminate entanglement between nearest neighbors and next nearest neighbors. Through a detection scheme the next nearest neighbors can become entangled with each other. If each neighbor is separeted by close to the maximum distance of quantum links then this protocol effectively extends the reach of the quantum information systems to arbitrary sizes. 

This project is also interested in creating a Barium Ytterbium Hybrid qubit for sympathetic cooling to be realized. Additionally the possibility of using Barium as a photonic link is explored.